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Dahmane Dahmani

Dahmane Dahmani is a Co-Founder and current CEO of LZG Games and Toys, LLC . He is a retired executive after over 34 years of employment in the High Tech industry (Microprocessors, Memories, Computers and Smartphones).

Dahmane first retired from the Intel Corp in 2006 after 25 years of service in various high level positions in Product Development, Applications and Technical Marketing.

In 2007 he joined at Zilog as the Worldwide Director of Applications managing Applications Engineering teams in Phillipines, India and USA.

In 2009 he joined the startup Magnum Semi where he was involved in the program management of Codec and video chips development. In 2011 he worked at Atmel and inn 2013 he joined the smartphone company Qualcomm in beautiful San Diego.

Dahmane co-founded with his son Yanni their first Board Game company (DYD Games) in 2004. In 2006, they launched their first game Zingamino™ which was invented in 2004.

In early 2017, the Zingamino, LLC company expanded its mission in the games and toys business by directing and focussing the company in a new area of games and toys: “The Revival of Old and Ancient Games and Toys”. Thus the Zingamino, LLC was changed to “LZG Games & Toys, LLC” with  to pursue a new adventure in reviving Ancient games and Toys and bringing them to the 21st Century with a Modern Twist. The “LZG” stands for: “Life iZ Good” …

Dahmane currently involved in the day to day management of the company and spends most of his time traveling around the world to find these old and ancient games and toys that have been forgotten or disappeared. He works closely witgh the team memberfs of the company to bring these games and toys to the 21st century.

LZG Games & Toys, LLC has offices in San Diego and South Lake Tahoe and trusted suppliers in Ningbo, China

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