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Abderrahmane Houche

Abderrahmane Houche is a tireless man of theater. A passionate fan of the fourth art. “The love of the theater began in 1974 during a play entitled” The 2000-year war “, by Kateb Yacine, presented in a room in Boumerdes, more precisely at (the INHC) National Institute of Hydrocarbons and chemistry, “says Abderrahmane. Since then, Houche Abderrahmane, whom friends call Uncle Salah, has had a crush on the dramatic art. An irresistible and renewed attraction towards the boards which means that he has not left the world of the fourth art since he crossed the theater of the immense Kateb Yacine.


Without hesitation, he joined the troupe for the first time as an apprentice actor. The first play in which it is seen is “The Colonization of Algeria”. It was headed by a director from Guinea, based in Boumèrdes, he said. “This play was performed in several cities across the country, notably in agricultural cooperatives as part of volunteering at the time of President Boumediene,” recalls Abderrahmane.


Towards the year 1977, Abderrahmane Houche joined the village of Ifherhounene, not far from Ain El Hammam as a schoolteacher, then quickly turned to the staging and the first achievements of his own troop by creating plays for children. Her first play is entitled “Bousâad Boutloufa”, it was performed in a competition of the Algerian Muslim Scout in which she obtained the 1st prize of the competition in Tizi-Ouzou.


The actor and director was also, active in the organization of the Algerian Muslim Scout as a volunteer executive until 1988. Meanwhile, the children of his troupe grew up in the show. From there Abderrahmane H founded his famous Igelilen troupe. DE thread in needle he discovers talents of outstanding director on the occasion of the presentation in particular of the play “Entel afous Yalid Qejir”, which made a triumph in Kabylia (1988 to 1995) and gave new life at the Kabyle expression theater.


Proof of its success? This same piece won all the prizes of the Mostaganem amator theater festival. Inexhaustible, pleasant and profound, this play has been presented almost 600 times on stage boards, we learned from the director.


In 2001, the terrible black spring and the bloody repression of demonstrations in Kabylia pushed the director to make a break in his theatrical activities. He also manifested himself in his work exploring contemporary scriptures at the beginning of 2008, he then created the theater school “Hamid Bentayeb”. His troupe had once again subjugated the audience of the Amazigh expression theater in a play called “Oulech El Harga, Oulech” which won the jury prize in 2010 in Mostaganem.


The school in question has today become the Machahou cooperative. In addition, he performs the play “Yerra Ya jeddi”, “The 2000 year war” taken from Kateb Yacine, in 2012, “Tisslith Bu Anzar”, 2013, “Tafat deg cheqiq natlam” and finally in 2015, the piece titled, “Tad saditwaghit”…


Abderrahmane Houche is now rightly seen as a prominent figure on the contemporary national scene. A character with multiple hats, the actor, director and director has reconnected with the spirit of an open and generous popular theater

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